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When is it time to move house?

 In the course of life, it happens to everyone that sooner or later, they have to change their home. The reasons can be many and also quite different from each other, what is certain is that it would be good to be able to understand when it is time to buy a house.

The goal is to satisfy your needs, which perhaps could have changed from those of sometime before. At the same time, attempts are being made to be able to take advantage of a sufficiently propitious period from an economic point of view.

With this article, we will go to examine what are, generally, the reasons that push people to look for a new home. We will see how to move house in the best possible way, from every point of view.

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The main reasons for wanting to move house

Deciding to move house is never an easy choice to make, it is not for anyone, but it certainly also depends a lot on the subjective nature. There are those who, despite living in a context that is no longer suited to their needs, struggle to decide to buy a new house.

But beware, very often this does not depend only on the economic aspect (relevant, of course, but it is not always the main cause). Sometimes, it’s just a question of indecision, laziness, or fear of change. For this reason, we always tend to postpone, postpone and postpone again…

On the contrary, however, there are also people who, despite not having such important and urgent motivations, love to indulge their cyclical desire for change. This, in fact, translates into the propensity to change homes more frequently.

But what are the reasons that, most of the time, lead to take this delicate step, how can buying a new house be?

One of the most frequent cases is that relating to families that “expand”. When a new child arrives, or in any case you are waiting for it to arrive, it can become important to provide a suitable space to be able to dedicate to him. If the house you live in does not offer any opportunity in this sense, perhaps the time has come to think about a change.

Of course, it is never easy, because in any case, it is always necessary to evaluate not only the square footage (which, of course, must be greater) but also a whole series of other things. For example, the proximity to schools of which you have a good opinion, the convenience of useful services in everyday life, the presence of green spaces, etc. All this, also seen in a certain perspective, which is not only that of adults but also that of any child.

Another reason that often leads to looking for a new home is related to work. It may happen, for example, that you are transferred from one workplace to another, perhaps even in a rather distant area. At that point, the change becomes advisable or even indispensable, if the transfer is really in a place that is definitely too far away.

Other reasons for deciding to move

Still remaining in the workplace, the move is not the only reason that can determine the need to move home. In the last year there has been a lot of talk about “smart working”, that is, work done from home. Suddenly, many people, due to the health emergency, found themselves in the need of having to create a space in their home where they can work.

This was by no means easy because it was a question of finding a solution that would meet the needs of all members of the family. Husband and wife, perhaps both in “smart working” mode, any more or less older children struggling with distance learning, etc.

In many cases, the possibility of moving home and looking for something larger, with better divided and organized spaces, has become a priority.

Sometimes, the need also arises from the desire to obtain a space (more or less large) within one’s home to devote to one’s hobbies. This could mean, for example, looking for a housing solution that has an extra room to allocate, let’s suppose, to painting or DIY. Just as it could mean, instead, going in search of a house that has a garden or in any case a large open space.

It is understood that the good reasons for moving house are almost infinite, another one that deserves to be mentioned however that relating to students is. Moving to another city to follow, for example, a certain university course is certainly a beautiful life experience. But this necessarily involves a change of dwelling.

In this case, however, it is almost always a choice linked to a more temporary arrangement. So, we don’t talk so much about buying a new home, but maybe more simply about looking for one to rent.

There are many aspects to consider when deciding to buy a new home. In this regard, see also our in-depth information on things to know to buy a house

When is it better to move home?

At this point, the question arises: in these times, is it worth buying a house? What is the right time to look for a house?

The particular period we are going through could, in fact, have made sales a little more difficult in the first part of 2020. Therefore, it is not excluded that this may, all in all, be a fairly favourable moment to decide to change homes. Perhaps there could be more availability and variety on the market, and possibly even cheaper prices.

What is certain, however, is that in recent times there have been many tax breaks. Let’s talk about the various bonuses provided for renovations, for the purchase of furniture, for energy saving, etc. Interesting opportunities to decide to dare a little more, but with a careful look at the wallet.

On top of all this, let’s not forget that mortgage interest rates are also falling. Since fixed-rate products now have values ​​similar to those of variable rates, savings can also be concrete in the long term.

In short, considering the current characteristics of the real estate market, all the tax breaks and the greater convenience of mortgages compared to some time ago, we can say that this could actually be considered a good time for those who want to buy a house.

Finally, it is good to remember the important role that the real estate agency can play when deciding to buy a new home. A good intermediary can be useful to provide valid information on how to move house in the best possible way and to offer professionalism and support from various points of view.

This clearly determines a cost to take into account, an issue that we had already addressed in our previous article on the percentage of real estate agencies.


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