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The real estate startup that pays those who sell the house

Has the title already managed to garner all your attention? We believe so, in fact, it is not so usual to find good payers, let alone if these days someone paid you (at the end of the sale) only to sell your house, with the number of unsold properties that are currently in Italy! However, we assure you that you have understood correctly, and the platform that debuts on the web in the course of these days,, is preparing to recognize the commissions to the owner-users who decide to sell through this new online real estate company. In fact, it is not a real estate disintermediation project, but is a real estate brokerage company, which has chosen to apply a very particular and innovative business model, changing the cards on the table of the national real estate system.

To discover this unique project from every angle, we interviewed an old acquaintance of our blog, the co-founder and CEO  Andrea Anedda, former founder of BeHousea real estate agent who together with his colleague  Michele Schirru as CTO decided to start definitively, through the establishment of a dedicated company (innovative startup).
 Why do we say definitively? Many of our readers will remember, perhaps the most “social-addicted”, that at the beginning of 2018 had already appeared in the limelight, putting online a first version of the platform to start testing and collecting feedback, essential for the success of a project that boasts of having neither benchmark nor competitor in Italy.

Now Anedda and Schirru are serious and, once the business model has been validated, they finally realize the project through the release of the platforms, already online and active (try to believe!). If it is a success, this will be decided by users, but we are sure that the launch will not go unnoticed and is destined to make people talk about it for a long time, real estate agents in the first place.

We now come to the interview to understand what it is.

Hi Andrea and thank you for granting us this first interview since the launch of First of all, tell us what the project consists of and what the platform’s function is.

Thanks to you for this opportunity! is a startup that fully enters the list of Italian PropTechs that aspire to revolutionize the real estate market.

We have chosen to digitize our processes, managing all activities completely remotely using the most advanced technological tools. Not only that, almost operating as a portal, the (private) seller can independently upload and manage their real estate ads. We combine these digital aspects with the professionalism and seriousness required of those who carry out the profession of licensed real estate agent. This means guaranteeing protection, services and high-profile customer service for both the seller and the buyer.

In addition to these aspects, which are a fundamental prerequisite for those who aspire to become a reference point, we have tried to integrate something that would allow us to further distinguish ourselves and gain market shares. In practice, the paradigm changes radically from other offline and online realities because, once the sale is complete, we reward the seller with 1% of the sale price.

Let’s imagine that the idea of ​​creating started with the intention of satisfying a specific need on the part of the consumer. Tell us about the process and the context that led you first to imagine, finally to realize the project.

You won’t believe it, but the idea comes from an anecdote that really happened to me. I was in the acquisition phase with a customer, there was talk of the commission fee and the Seller blurts out: “Why should I pay you? By the way, you looked for me … I’m offering you the chance to sell my house. If it sells, you pay me and you ask the buyer for the commission. ”

Dazed, I went home without the sales assignment. I took off the real estate agent’s shoes, put aside my professional anger over such a claim against the category. Thinking about it, I then decided to take on the role of an entrepreneur. I realized that there could be a market space by giving people what they really asked for: selling a house and not paying for the service performed as a real estate agent.

You know the real estate agent does not enjoy an excellent reputation in Italy, only half of the sales are managed by the category. Therefore, offering a highly professional service, but at the same time not burdensome for the seller, theoretically would have solved some of the difficulties.

But as my client rightly pointed out, what would happen if I additionally offered a “reward” for the given opportunity? From here the project started, passing through an embryonic phase and under various guises in order to allow a series of tests on the potential market.

Since 2019, with the arrival of Michele Schirru – International Real Estate Agent and Blogger, current CTO of the company – the startup with the brand has officially started.

One of our priorities is always to give space and resonance to every type of innovation in the real estate field. However, we remember how, in the testing phase that began in spring 2018, the debate between real estate agents and all operators in the sector had ignited in relation to an unusual modus operandi, undoubtedly innovative, which many have however read as the cause of possible damage to the image of the entire category of real estate brokers. We’d love to hear your point of view on this.

As I suggested in the above lines, there are real estate agents and there are entrepreneurs. In some cases, the professional can play both roles, in other cases not. I’m sorry that we always end up fighting each other instead of teaming up and trying to bring out a better profession in the eyes of the client.

On the other hand, everyone can do what they want with their business, ours is a legitimate choice, however unusual, which does not damage the image of the category. To be clear: we operate widely within the legal perimeter granted.

A paid portal, an agency, a network, a franchise? What structure is there in the future of and how are you going to recruit consultants and users? is currently a pure real estate company operating in the brokerage sector. Translated: we are real estate consultants who work with a different concept from the traditional one.

Surely, there are expansion and growth projects on the horizon, which include partnerships and collaborations with well-known and unknown names in the business world. I am referring, for example, to banks, crowdfunding companies or investment companies. In Italy, or in the UK, citing Purple bricks, there have been startups that have achieved considerable credibility thanks to the commercial agreements they have signed.

Let’s not forget how the market is moving in this direction, to the detriment of the small agencies present in the area. Didn’t this happen also with small food shops? In summary, taking 10 years forward, I imagine a group of professionals with an important real estate portfolio behind them throughout the national territory. seems to be aimed only at sellers, what do buyers gain from it?

Buyers gain the peace of mind and security of the deal they are about to conclude. For us, summarizing the articles on the subject of the civil code, the mediator is equidistant from the parties and must necessarily operate in transparency, guaranteeing both parties. The real estate agent is the guarantor of the sale.

Buyers pay a commission of 3%, in line with the customs and habits of the Chamber of Commerce. Behind every sale, there is a real estate consultant who will accompany the parties throughout the process by attending the notarial deed.

The question arises: how can a buyer be confident that he is making a safe and transparent deal if you work remotely?

The buyer can rest assured that, on our part, we have all the digital tools and infrastructures to allow adequate verification even remotely. Starting from the aspects related to the regularity and compliance of the properties with the legal ones and ownership.

Let’s think about it: what does a buyer expect from his real estate consultant? He expects his consultant to give the right guarantees that allow a safe purchase and without surprises. We simply do this.

In detail, before a compromise can be drawn up and consequently stipulated, thus binding both parties to the sale, we ask the seller to produce the required documentation. The seller is obliged to send us all the documentation of the property and the report of a technician certifying the conformity and regularity of the property.


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