Commercial Performance Certificate

Stimalo, the proptech that introduces the Commercial Performance Certificate

The evaluation of the most probable market value of properties is not an exact science, but it is known that there are various calculation methods, from the most traditional to the most innovative and unconventional.

With regard to the latter, in recent years realities have been born within the Italian real estate ecosystem which has allowed operators in the real estate sector to expand the calculation techniques, allowing them to better contextualize and justify the sale and realization prices. Of real estate. An ever-present need in real estate agents.

Stimalo Home Performance is a proptech that wanted to go even further than this concept, introducing a real Certificate of Commercial Performance, a novelty and a resource resulting from a proprietary algorithm that will certainly be very appreciated by both real estate agents and individuals.

Let’s find out what it is about with Floriano Fabbro, the founder of this new business project: a new and promising proptech is appearing on the national real estate scene.

Hi Floriano and welcome to the WeAgentz blog for this interview.

A cordial greeting to you, Francesco and a sincere thanks for the space reserved for Stimalo in this important information showcase. I would also like to greet – and thank – all the kind readers of the WeAgentz blog who are dedicating their precious time to deepen the contents of this conversation: I hope they can evaluate them as interesting and profitable for their professional activity.

You are here to tell us about Stimalo, the proptech you created that introduces the Commercial Performance Certificate. What is it and what problem does it intercept?

Being able to establish an authoritative and qualified professional relationship with customers is the most coveted and desired goal of a real estate agent.

The experience gained “in the field”, the constant refresher courses and the knowledge of the market are skills considered superfluous and undeserving of appreciation by most customers. In particular, in the delicate phase of the acquisition of the property and in the crucial moment of estimating the corresponding value, the skills acquired by the real estate agent are rarely rewarded with full and unquestioning confidence.

The clichés on the attribution of the price “dictated by chance or luck” or “overestimated to acquire the job” or vice versa “underestimated to sell faster”, are to be combined with a “vintage” real estate and demean the professional background of the modern real estate agent, prepared to carry out the profession with care and dedication.

So, let’s imagine the solution to all of this is just Estimate it, right?

Exactly, to overcome this problem and in support of Professionals with a capital “P”, the proptech Stimalo Home Performance has created an innovative real estate report that helps to improve professional relationships between the real estate operator and his customers.

An avant-garde professional relationship, capable of breaking down the barrier of distrust that usually stands between the parties; a report capable of highlighting the professionalism and credibility of real estate agents and with the aim of increasing customer confidence, called the Certificate of Commercial Performance – APEC.

So we got to the heart of the topic: tell us in detail what APEC is and what it does.

First of all, it is necessary to underline that APEC does not assign the price to the house, but represents an unconventional evaluation parameter, useful for motivating the owner’s economic request or arguing the buyer’s offer, as well as simplifying the negotiation and facilitating good outcome of the sale.

With the help of a proprietary algorithm, APEC evaluates and depicts the extent and condition of the intrinsic and extrinsic characteristics of any home, or highlights the strengths and weaknesses expressed by each property – that is the commercial performance – and summarizes them in the form of an original real estate resume.

The purpose of APEC is to make the appraiser (property owners, property sellers and buyers, real estate agencies and operators) aware of the reasons that determine and validate the real commercial value of the home.

Judgment criteria are undoubtedly innovative, but complementary…

APEC does not replace the usual procedures for attributing the commercial value of a home and does not interfere with the usual – or innovative – methods of estimation, but supports them, expressing its full potential as a complementary and support tool.

Its judgment criteria interpret the sentiments expressed, and unanimously shared, by the protagonists of the real estate market and then decipher them in terms of unique merit: sales potential (customer base), degree of reliability (investment guarantee) and level of negotiability (dynamics of the negotiation).

The exclusive APEC evaluation parameters return a persuasive and convincing overall picture about the general commercial performance – the Performance – of the house and become an indispensable yardstick for identifying, with certainty and authority, the most probable market value of the house. ‘Immovable.

How is it possible to access the service and how does the process leading to the release of the APEC work?

The program is accessed from the internet address and no registration is required.

APEC is free and extremely simple for anyone to use; the compilation funnel is fast and intuitive, the user experience is engaging: the path is distributed over 5 steps, in turn, divided into further sectors, each concerning one of the specific topics of a property (location, plant engineering, property, etc. …).

At each step, the algorithm “measures” the marked answers and assigns a partial Performance to the house; at the end, it generates the overall Commercial Performance index of the property together with the correlated results, all represented with basic symbols but with a strong impact.

APEC does not extrapolate any sensitive data of the house or even of those who fill it out (only the Pro version requires an email to send the Certificate).

An observation: it is interesting to modify the selected answers to notice how the algorithm interprets the changes and how the ups and downs affect the Performance.

Having to turn to real estate agents and agencies, how would you try to convince them that this service is indispensable for them?

First of all, the APEC enriches and completes the information sheet of any home, as it summarizes much of the news concerning it and is revealed as an exhaustive home curriculum.

Considering that it is a normal PDF format, it can be attached to any advertisement and, together with the photos or the floor plan, it will help to optimize the positioning of the advertisement on the web, or it can be delivered to customers simply as a pre or post-visit reminder.

For the real estate agent, it will be easier to expose the numerous variables that contribute to defining the sale price of the house and it will be easier to motivate the essential, but sometimes incomprehensible, calculation procedures: the owner, in fact, will understand the criticalities detected in his property. And will confirm, without reservation and with compliant favour, the indications of the professional.

The need to repeatedly calibrate the price to identify an adequate and consistent value with the market, counterproductive for the good reputation of the property, will no longer be a harmful habit.

The potential buyer, on the other hand, will feel more confident about the purchase he is about to make, because he will perceive the equity and correctness of the value of the home and because he will identify, with certainty, the improvements to be made to increase his investment.

A tip for real estate agents: get clients to fill out the APEC too. They will feel personally involved and will be led to recognize, with the right objectivity and reasonableness, the pros and cons of the home.

Can we, therefore, say that Stimalo’s APEC will also become a new acquisition tool for real estate agencies?

Of course! With the APEC of Stimalo, the real estate agency adhering to the service benefits from an unprecedented tool to guarantee the acquisition of new properties. An excellent marketing strategy that is simple but effective, unobtrusive and an alternative to ordinary ones.

Before generating the report, in fact, the algorithm geolocates the real estate agency located in the area surrounding the property (the area is proportionate to the size of the neighbourhood, city or municipality) and publishes its references in the APEC, together to the results.

The owner will learn, in real-time, the information concerning the accredited and expert agency of the local real estate market and, for this reason, will be inclined to entrust it with the task of selling his property without delay.

The real estate agency that collaborates with Stimalo boasts exceptional visibility because it appears in all the APECs created in its area of ​​competence, always and in the foreground.

We know that real estate agents are not the only professionals involved in APEC, tell us something more…

This is exactly the case in that APEC also proposes, in a manner comparable to that of agencies, the craftsmen, companies and technicians/professionals suitable for solving the problems that emerged following the check on the home: age of technological systems, costs of management, home staging, etc. …

For this reason, APEC becomes an extraordinary advertising “sounding board” for the real estate agencies participating in the system, because they will also benefit from the advertising developed by all the other members present in the report.

What is the path taken so far and what is the future roadmap that you have set for Stimalo?

The first draft of the program is dated early 2019. After a period of settling and following some exploratory tests – and various expressions of interest – the current version was put online on 1 September 2020.

The short path of the website was enriched almost immediately (December 2020) with a prestigious recognition: Stimalo is one of the 46 PropTech members of the Italian PropTech Network – IPN of the Politecnico di Milano.

For the future there are some ideas already in the pipeline (e.g. Stimalo’s cashback) and initiatives with other real estate companies are also being studied (e.g. blockchain technology).

The results obtained so far are encouraging and the hope is that the great potential of the website will be widely understood and shared, especially by real estate agencies.

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