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Still not using email marketing? See 6 reasons to use it!

Do you know what email marketing is and how it works? This tool provides great results. It is a way to promote your business, develop a relationship with your target audience, build customer loyalty and attract new customers. Below, check out 6 reasons to use it!

What is email marketing?

Understanding how email marketing works is essential for anyone who wants to expand sales of a digital business. Contrary to what many people think, email is not obsolete and is one of the most used tools to date. This made email one of the main strategies of digital marketing.

According to data from McKinsey&Company, an email marketing campaign is 40 times more effective in winning new customers than actions made on Twitter and Facebook. Impressive, isn’t it?

Do you still have doubts about the importance of this strategy for your digital marketing? To avoid any doubt, check below 6 reasons to use email marketing starting today!

1. it’s useful and functional

An Exact Target survey found that more than 90% of people check their email inbox daily. Another data, according to Fourth Source, indicates that 92% of internet users have at least one email account.

So, when we ask ourselves “what is email marketing”, one of the possible answers is: a content marketing strategy based on the most popular tool for years on the internet, which makes it very efficient. In addition, this tool can be opened on mobile devices with ease, making email marketing very functional as well.

2. Low cost

To establish how email marketing works in your company you don’t need big investments. This is a great advantage, as you will have your own contact base, built over time, to interact with the public without having to spend large amounts of money.

Through Spark Funnels, for example, it is possible to create free email marketing campaigns. See how easy it is:

3. Segmentation

Once you understand what email marketing is, you will find that you have an organic contact list. Even though it takes longer, it’s imperative. Only then will you be able to segment your leads, a fundamental step in any digital marketing plan.

Email marketing will help you discover related information about a specific account, such as interest, location, product or service consumed and average ticket. Segmentation improves your communication and your sales, as it serves as a guide for your campaigns based on consumption patterns.

4. Personalization and credibility

To know how email marketing works, first of all, you need to know the characteristics of this feature. The main one is to be a personal tool! As a result, customer communication is personalized and personal, unlike many other marketing channels.

Use the customer’s name, city and past consumption interests to establish a relationship through email marketing. This will bring engagement and more credibility. Remember: people tend to do business with whom they trust!

5. Automation

Email marketing allows for the automation of messages. This makes it easy to send the information on time and at the right time. So the next thing is to understand that it can be very productive as long as it’s programmed. You can create automation with information you already have about the lead or through your previous actions, such as the fact that the customer has opened a specific message or link.

6. Increased sales and good relationship

Your main advantage of email is increased sales, right? This is the consequence of good customer relationships from good digital marketing strategies. This direct and personified contact retains consumers and attracts more customers.

With this, leads are not at risk of being forgotten. Often, customers you didn’t even remember are reached by him. After sending an email your company has chance to receive a quote request or click on a link that will take that lead to buy on your digital business website.

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