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Real estate web reputation: Gerardo Paterna intervenes

The advent and consolidation of digital in our daily lives, in particular social networking, has progressively given people greater decision-making power over companies and even real estate agencies, therefore the possibility of influencing and controlling the web reputation of brands and of the real estate professionals who are part of it. The consequence of this change is that a solid web marketing strategy, nowadays, requires further effort on the part of real estate agents to engage in a “real” and genuine conversation with their contacts.

We have decided to investigate such a current and debated topic, sometimes even controversial, which is the web reputation, with an expert in the real estate sector and assiduous experimenter of the new digital technologies that revolve around this sector, Gerardo Paterna. Who, among other things, will be a guest on April 27 in Rome at the Sheraton Golf Parco De ‘Medici at the “Communication and Relationship” event, dedicated to real estate agents, and in which other experts in the sector will also be present, such as Alessio Beltrami and Bruno Vet tore, in a day dedicated to the deepening of a theme very dear to us: web reputation and content marketing.

Gerardo, let’s start immediately from the “Communication and Relationship” event, can you share your thoughts (and some anticipations) about the importance of web reputation and content marketing as a necessary driver to generate trust and interest?

Reputation is not a web discovery. Many customers choose you because you have been referred by someone. This is the effect of a good reputation, it has always worked in the offline world. In the online social media arena, the real estate agent has to build his reputation bit by bit. This happens through the image he gives of himself, of his profession, of his company. Producing content (texts, photos, surveys, infographics) that is useful to someone increases their credibility. Being generous on the web, rediscovering the ability to freely give a suggestion, advice, to share a useful resource, helps the professional to create consensus. If you create consensus, people come closer and with them the opportunities too.

Speaking of web reputation more generally, what are in your opinion the factors that can contribute to determining the online success of a real estate professional and an agency today?

Knowledge, curiosity and where delegation skills are needed. Online positioning must be designed. If we want to trivialize, every day I receive friend requests on Facebook to name Agency last Realty, support requests to fan page unlikely with endless lists of properties, there are personal profiles with life photos that everything suggests except the fact that you are a person and an appreciated professional in your community. If it is true that “markets are conversations”, we understand that there is a lot to do. And if we talk about blogs, textual content and photographs, infinite worlds open up…

How do you interpret the current Italian professional landscape and what stimuli are you gathering from your activities?

I see a certain liveliness, operators are starting to look for answers, perhaps thanks to a slight recovery in the sector which is good for the spirit even before the wallet. There is still a lot of confusion about training and still a certain mistrust of the web (despite all this much talk about it). In fact, the change is palpable; I have the opportunity to meet many young people who are developing products and services dedicated to real estate within universities, which leads us to draw up a list of priorities for the entire sector. We need certified training and information courses, a qualification of the training offer, and the creation of a rating system for the real estate agent. Referrals from colleagues and clients not only build our reputation but help us build stable and ongoing relationships. Everyone can do their part, operators, companies, the associative world. There are new opportunities out there, but you need the right tools, new specializations, but above all awareness to understand your limits and understand in which direction to go.

Let’s talk about training and qualification. How do you imagine the role of the real estate agent in 10 years?

I would like a Trip advisor (who works) for the real estate agent as well. Undergoing external judgment is the test of fire for every professional, but also a sign of transparency. Here, I would like a shower of transparency also for our sector. 10 years is a long time and the forecasts are better than the friends of Nomisma, but one thing I am sure of is that all the fears related to disintermediation, to banks in real estate, to the startups that turn to private individuals, they will not cancel the figure of the professional intermediary which will also change, perhaps in the name of some new legislation, but I hope rather that it will change because it has grown in responsibility, vision and competence.

Thank you very much for these clarifications, now let’s talk a little about you. Do you want to tell us your professional background first and tell us more about RETV?

I have been “lent” to the real estate sector since 1994 and I have had the opportunity to gain many experiences as a franchised real estate agent and then as an independent one, covering over time also managerial roles within real estate companies with agency networks. I have always wanted to understand the market in which I operate and since 1999 I have been collecting the numbers on real estate franchising with an annual report that is now very accredited. The sum of the mistakes made, which some call experience, has allowed me to meet many professionals and companies working in the NPL’s field ( also here with an annual report for the Opicons brand ) and intervening in numerous seminars and workshops as a speaker and trainer. Today I focus my energies on a few projects (the blog, collaboration with some university startups, training and some initiatives related to new media).

RETV is a big bet in line with our time. Together with Diego Caponigro of Regold we started with the idea of ​​wanting to shed some more light on Italian real estate, approaching companies, and operators, users with a friendly and confident language. Even with the most austere and institutional guest, we clear the “YOU” immediately and a very positive atmosphere of great complicity is created. The incredible thing, apart from a couple of names that I cannot give, is that the guests (including banks) accepted our invitation to a confrontation without any resistance. The format is liked (despite me!) And is getting great visibility if you think that we don’t have a traditional-sounding board (radio and TV). We are having fun and this creates good energy that is felt by both the guests and all those who follow us. A curiosity about the live broadcast, which is one of the distinctive elements of RETV: the 40 seconds of waiting before the broadcast are fantastic, where all the guests experience a natural emotion that leads them to check their tie, hairstyle, sitting position … first or later you will need a make-up artist!

Not just web reputation. Where did your passion for real estate marketing come from?

From need and curiosity. I have always looked for new ways because I have never liked the idea of ​​the real estate agent “pressing intercoms” in a not very creative numbers game that some call “method”, but which kills creativity and passion. At the base of our work, there is the relationship and the ability to generate it; if a person does not have this nature in his genetic baggage, he must not “kill himself” with a standardized surrogate which, even if it brings you to the result, does not elevate either you or your profession. I am not a marketing expert, but I read a lot, I compare myself with those who are better than me and I constantly experiment with new ways and new methods to improve communication, customer involvement even before they contact you.

What are the future plans for your projects?

I lost my father 3 years ago. Shortly before leaving, he told me with the clear awareness of someone who has never spared himself (he was a construction worker) to work as little as possible and put my time to good use in quality of life.
A beautiful legacy, don’t you think?
Today’s priority is to carry on the projects already in place, RETV that I care a lot about, the Blog that requires attention and some connections in the university environment that give me perspective. I am very open to new initiatives complementary to the real estate sector but on three conditions: enthusiasm must never be lacking, I just like the people with whom to carry them out and there must be great potential for development. Am I asking too much?

Who is Gerardo Paterna

Real estate agent since 1994, Gerardo Paterna has always personally experienced innovation in the real estate sector, after only 5 years of activity in the field he began to prepare annual reports on real estate franchising. In 2010 he decided to broaden his views and skills, approaching the activity of consultant in the field of NPL’s, better known as non-performing real estate loans. To this must be added his activity as a promoter of the OPICONS network, which aims to find a solution to problems related to real estate credit. On this site, he concentrates his research and comparison activities with real estate professionals from all over Italy. Winner of the Real Estate Award 2014 for the best real estate blog, in which he deals with topics related to real estate and contributes to the publications of ” Murales: the signs of change in real estate ” on the Advisor Professional platform, dedicated to financial promoters and on Idealist news. Since 2015 he has also been the host, together with Diego Caponigro, of RETV, the webtv dedicated to real estate agents, in which weekly and in-depth LIVE programs are broadcast.


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