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Real estate web marketing tools with Domenico Amicuzi

Today, buyers or would-be buyers make extensive use of technologies, searching among hundreds of advertisements on the websites of real estate agencies and portals dedicated to advertisements, when allowed they are able to take virtual tours inside the houses that interest them, compare and select real estate and even agents before deciding to take action.

But if on the one hand the digital level of people is growing more and more and adapting to modern times, are Italian real estate agents proving to be just as “smart”Leafing through the report “The level of digitalization of real estate agencies”, produced by the Oid (Digital Real Estate Observatory), it would seem that this is not the case, or rather, not entirely so.

In fact, among the 1,500 real estate agents interviewed, the overwhelming majority showed “a level of knowledge of IT tools little more than sufficient “, with only 36% of them using digital tools of DEM (direct email marketing), CRM and systems of advanced Digital PR. Less than 500 advertise with specific real estates web marketing tools such as Google Ad words or Facebook Ads, less than half know to Google my Business.

These are just some of the somewhat discouraging data that emerge from the report produced by the guided Observatory Diego Caponigro and Gerardo Paterna, which portray the national real estate ecosystem as not yet up to par, but fortunately with many exceptions and many excellences that they can boast very respectable baggage of innovation.

We wanted to take stock and investigate the matter with one of the leading web marketing experts applied to the real estate sector, Domenico Amicuzi, to whom we asked for some impressions and possible solutions. Here is the interview he gave us.

Domenico, tell us about your background in the real estate sector, in particular in the digital and technological fields.

In reality, my training and professional career in the web marketing sector has always paralleled my career in the real estate sector.

Since 2008 I have worked as an entrepreneur in the real estate sector (as a multi-affiliate to a well-known brand in Franchising at the national level) and since then I have always personally supervised and managed the business functions relating to marketing, focusing particularly on digital marketing. , implementing and carrying out medium and long-term promotional plans and strategies.

I immediately believed in the potential of the web to expand the real estate business.

In 2016 I decided to deal exclusively with real estate web marketing, with the aim of helping entrepreneurs operating in the real estate sector to increase sales and turnover through the use of web channels.

Having worked for over 8 years in the real estate sector, I know perfectly the dynamics that govern it and I have personally experienced effective web marketing strategies, techniques and tools for real estate.

Let’s get straight to the point: how important is web marketing in the real estate sector today?

It is now clear the absolutely fundamental role that web marketing plays today, as regards all commercial sectors, and especially real estate.

Everyone knows the radical change in the habits of potential customers of real estate activities (and not only), as regards the search for information of their own interest.

The traditional advertising channels used until some time ago, such as paper (flyers and advertisements in newspapers and trade magazines) have gradually disappeared, freeing the way for much faster and more profitable web channels.

Any real estate business that is not prominently displayed on the Internet is now virtually cut off from the market and will be increasingly so in the future.

Almost 90% of Italians constantly use the Internet to search for any type of information and the number is destined to increase from year to year.

Do you think that real estate businesses in Italy are taking advantage of the opportunities offered by digital marketing?

I believe that today, in Italy, only 30% of real estate businesses use the channels offered by digital marketing correctly and consistently.

They still represent the majority of real estate activities that operate on the web using low-performing corporate websites, and social channels in a totally incorrect way. Many businesses even still do not have visibility on the web.

I believe that there is a lot of work to be done from the training point of view in this perspective, aiming at least to increase the knowledge of the basic use of these very important tools.

What advice can you give to agents and real estate agencies to fully exploit the advantages offered by online marketing?

The main advice that I would like to provide to all entrepreneurs and real estate agents is to consider the inclusion of a new professional figure within their agencies: the real estate web marketing manager.

A professional expert in the field of web marketing, who in turn also knows very well the dynamics of the market that govern the real estate sector.

In this way, the guarantee of entrusting the management of company web channels to a constantly updated figure who knows how to produce the necessary visibility through the numerous activities on the Internet is obtained.

Furthermore, in this way, the entire staff of agency collaborators will be able to devote themselves exclusively to the activities required by the sales cycle (acquisitions, appointments, assignments, management of sales negotiations).

What do you think is the impact of social networks as operational tools in real estate agencies?

The advent of social networks has literally revolutionized the digital world. The rapid spread of these tools, combined with the viral power they express, allow any type of message to be conveyed quickly and promptly.

This also happened with regard to the use of social media in real estate agencies. Those who have been able to exploit the potential offered have managed to broaden their customer base, adding a new communication channel in their marketing strategies.

An important clarification to make regarding the topic of social media and real estate agencies concerns the choice of the social network to be used and the methods of use. Every day on Facebook I see personal profiles used in the name of the real estate agency, which publishes dozens of real estate ads on the bulletin board every day.

A fundamental aspect to clarify is that people do not connect to Facebook to look for a house to buy, so in addition to being useless this mode of use, it is also deleterious as the people who follow the profile, in the long run, can also get annoyed and delete the contact.

It is also essential to choose the right social networks to use and take care of them on a daily basis.

Let’s talk about content marketing. You have a very nice and interesting blog, what are the techniques and secrets that you would like to recommend to an aspiring real estate blogger?

Thank you, I believe that when an activity is carried out with passion, the results are never long in coming.

Magic wands in this field do not exist. The only advice I want to give to those who decide to embark on a career as a real estate blogger is to focus exclusively on content that is interesting for the potential audience, and that is of quality.

Before writing an article, the fundamental question to ask is: what question do my readers want to have an answer to?

Each item will have to satisfy this type of need.

How can today’s real estate agent cultivate and increase their reputation, especially online?

To increase your brand reputation on the web, I personally recommend the use of two fundamental tools: the personal blog and the LinkedIn profile.

Through the personal blog, a direct relationship is established between blogger and reader. This relationship is managed and curated over time thanks to the contents that are published within it. Furthermore, the reader can express his or her opinion on it, establishing a direct line.

The personal LinkedIn profile, on the other hand, first of all allows you to expand your network of professional acquaintances, coming into contact exclusively with professionals. In addition, you have the opportunity to show your network your skills and experience gained in the workplace.

How do you imagine the evolution of the profession of real estate agent in Italy in 10 years from now, in such a dynamic and selective historical moment for real estate?

I am convinced that the part relating to customer acquisition will increasingly be directed towards web platforms, keeping the physical structures of the agencies operational only for the negotiation phases, ranging from the real estate visit to the conclusion of the negotiation.

Notwithstanding that the work cycle will substantially not undergo major changes, we are undoubtedly preparing to start a real battle between competitors that moves from the pavements to search engines on the web and social networks.

In addition, we will address the sharing of properties and requests in MLS between real estate agents.

I believe that for the next 10 years, two fundamental working tools for real estate agents will be the web and sharing among colleagues.

We would like a final impression from you: what do you think of the new startups that aim at disintermediation, which we keep talking about so much? Straw fire or expanding movement?

I honestly do not believe that an app or a portal can ever replace the tireless work that real estate agents carry out every day.

I believe that an increasing number of requests and contacts will reach agencies through web tools, but I totally exclude that the same tools can one day replace real estate agents in absolutely fundamental activities such as visits, document management and above all a delicate phase such as conducting a real estate negotiation.


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