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How much does it cost to renovate your home?

The theme of the renovation of an apartment is always extremely topical and interests many people. The first thing we usually ask ourselves is “How much does it cost to completely renovate a house? “A legitimate question which, however, does not have an equally simple and immediate answer. There are many aspects to evaluate and many variables to take into account, before being able to roughly estimate how much the restyling of a property can really cost. Keep reading this article brought to you by Blue World City.

What are the reasons why you decide to renovate your house?

There are many reasons for renovating. It may happen, for example, that you realize that your home is no longer functional for your needs, or in any case that you want or need to renovate the interiors, perhaps a little too dated, or it may happen that you buy a new apartment and that this needs a certain transformation or renovations aimed at the sale of a certain property are increasingly frequent. To increase the value of the house to sell, and to guarantee a much higher income, taking into account an “apartment renovation” expense item can be a good choice.

It is clear that, depending on the reason for the restructuring, the objectives and the budget that are made available can be very different. If it is a job done with the aim of living in that property, rightly one is inclined to make a few more sacrifices from an economic point of view, in order to build the house of one’s dreams.

If, on the other hand, the renovation takes place with the ultimate aim of selling the property better, usually one focuses on effective but not too expensive solutions: just enough, in short, to make the apartment much more pleasing at first sight and appreciable for some precise characteristics, but without overdoing it.

Whatever the motivation behind it, it is necessary to carefully evaluate all aspects related to the conditions of the property and the possible works to be done, and to define realistically how much it costs to renovate a house per square meter.

The most important things to consider before starting a renovation

Let’s see, therefore, what are the most important aspects to evaluate before proceeding with the restructuring, also to avoid having unpleasant surprises later that could mess up the project and costs:

  • The type of property: it can be a simple apartment, more or less large, or it can be a detached or semi-detached house, a large villa, a cottage, an attic, and so on. The size, it is clear, plays an important role, but also the type of property itself can affect the final cost.
  • How dated is the property: if it is a very old house, and which has not undergone substantial subsequent interventions, it is almost certain that the plumbing, electrical and thermal systems must also be redone, for example. What is the cost of reconstructing the electrical system? And the cost of the plumbing?
  • Various fixtures (doors, windows, etc.): also, in this case, their replacement may involve a certain additional expense to be taken into account.
  • The type of materials chosen: whatever aspect is considered, from the first masonry work up to the last touches and finishes, the range of products that the market offers is nothing short of vast. Consequently, costs can also be extremely variable depending on the case.
  • Rubble disposal: in the metric calculation of the renovation it must never be forgotten that, unfortunately, also the demolition and disposal of the rubble produced have a cost.
  • Type of workforce: choosing a certain type of company over another can also significantly affect costs. Much depends, however, on the kind of work one wants or must perform.

Furthermore, never underestimate the fact that, in any case, there is always the risk that some more or less important mishap will occur. Before establishing, more or less precisely, how much it costs to renovate a house from scratch, thus setting a budget, it is better to always keep a certain margin for the unexpected. Having said that, purely as an indication, you can think of at least 300 euros per square meter for an average renovation.

Professionals and quotes

When you decide to renovate a property, unless you already know professionals in the sector and have full confidence in their work, it is usually preferable to get several quotes from different companies. An example of a home renovation estimate cannot ignore certain expense items:

  • Demolition and disposal of rubble
  • Possible construction of new partitions/walls
  • Refurbishment of systems (electrical, hydraulic and thermal)
  • Laying floors and tiles (bathroom, kitchen, etc.)
  • Painting
  • Possible installation of new window frames and interior doors

However, how much it costs to renovate a house per square meter is never easy to establish, if not after a careful inspection of the property and a scrupulous analysis of each intervention to be carried out.

For slightly more complex renovations, or in any case for those who do not have much time available or lack of skills in the sector, people often choose to rely on a professional who follows the work from every point of view, from the more “bureaucratic” aspects up to get to those that are strictly related to aesthetics and design. But how much does it cost to renovate a house with an architect? How much can it affect the final cost? Undoubtedly, everything is proportionate with respect to the size of the house, its state of conservation and the extent of the work to be carried out, as well as all the variables already exposed.

Even if you opt for the support of an architect, this does not necessarily mean cutting yourself off from the various evolutionary phases of the renovation project. Simply, you can have an expert at your disposal, useful for solving the most practical aspects but also able to find new solutions, innovative ideas, etc. In short, great teamwork can be born that can undoubtedly lead to very satisfying results.

It also happens, however, that some prefer to delegate absolutely everything, without bothering in the least with the choice of materials, the layout of the rooms, etc. In this case, you have to ask yourself “How much does it cost to renovate a turnkey house “. Choosing a “zero thoughts” restructuring obviously involves an increase in the final cost, which will take into account all the aspects taken into consideration so far plus the payment of the additional service used. The figures also vary a lot according to the areas of Italy, there are cities more expensive than others, of course, but in principle, it can be assumed between 300 and 800 euros per square meter for a turnkey renovation. complete with everything. In the centre of the largest metropolises (Rome, etc.) you can even spend much more, for example exceeding 100,000 euros for a 100 square meter accommodation.

The possible benefits for those who renovate

Fortunately, there is no shortage of opportunities to take advantage of some important tax breaks. In recent years, the Italian Government has paid particular attention to the restructuring sector, trying to encourage them also through some manoeuvres that make it possible to slightly lighten the expense of those who undertake, precisely, a building renovation.

For example, for those who buy a house with a mortgage and intend to renovate it, there is the opportunity to deduct the interest expense. Some requirements are required to be able to take advantage of it, but it is interesting to discover the expected benefits.

Another nice advantage is the so-called Restructuring Bonus and Ecobonus, which have been talked about a lot lately. Also, in this case, we have recently dedicated a lot of space to the topic, giving a voice to some architects who are experts in the sector.

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