Getting Rich Online

Getting Rich Online: Advantages and Disadvantages

Affiliate marketing is the type of marketing where you sell a product and receive a commission for the sale. Each digital product has its particularities, so earnings can vary in the range of R$0.30 to R$10000.

After all, how does Enriquecendo Online work? It is worth it? In this article, you will discover its pros and cons

What is Enriching Online?

Those who have already taken the course could see the quality, humour and objectivity in teaching digital entrepreneurs. He has surpassed 5,000 students, has more than 200,000 followers on YouTube, almost 300,000 on Integra and more than 35,000 people in his community on Telegram.

He was a student of Alex Vargas, from the Online Business Formula, and chose the adult niche and relationships to focus on. Today he teaches everything by the Online Sales Specialist (EVO), an update of Enriquecendo Online. The material has 35 modules (more than 100 lessons) with constant updates. It’s a sales funnel strategy that can change your game.

Advantages of the course

  • It teaches you to choose the products that generate the most results, that is, they sell themselves and are part of the most profitable niches.
  • It has a copywriting module, in which you will learn to sell persuasively.
  • It has the fundamentals of email marketing, an essential strategy for anyone who wants to be an affiliate. In this marketing strategy, you send informational or promotional emails to anyone interested in the product.
  • It addresses productivity techniques, as digital marketing does require discipline and regularity in the production of content and advertisements. So even though it’s not an area directly linked to affiliate marketing, João teaches you to be a more productive and less procrastinating entrepreneur.
  • Guides the creation of the best digital baits to influence the emotions of your future customers.
  • It advises on persuasive arguments that answer all the possible objections your client may have.
  • It provides ready-made emails to save you time and serve as a guide for your future campaigns. The templates will make your first hand-kissed sales.
  • It also offers YouTube scripts for you to start your channel and follow Jiao’s footsteps as a successful you tuber. With a quality video script, much of the work will be done and you can move forward with this north.
  • It gives Instagram tips: how to grow on the social network, how to engage your followers, how to sell there and how to use ads with strategy.
  • Provides content from professionals such as Joba (content optimization for YouTube), Marcelo Távora (Facebook Ads), João Pedro (digital nomadism), Junior Moreira (Instagram results) and Elias Maman (advanced reading).

Disadvantages of the course

  • The course is not always available for registration, places are limited.
  • The main format is video lessons, so if you prefer written material or audio, you will have to adapt.

Is Getting Enriched Online For You?

The course is taught by an entrepreneur who, despite being young, already has heavy baggage. Proving his results, João explores more than the affiliate market, such as productivity and entrepreneurship so that the affiliate can reach the top like him.

In addition to being an affiliate, you can also create and launch your own info product, just like Castanheira.

So test SparkStart without compromise and manage your own digital business!

SparkStart was developed from the knowledge of Rafael Carvalho, co-founder and COO of Herospark. Rafael has more than 16 years of experience in the world of digital entrepreneurship.

Today, his method is already tested and proven for its efficiency in sales and organization.

With SparkStart, your path to success will be much more assertive. The course is basically based on 4 main points

  • Get your project off the paper
  • Structure your digital business
  • Create your first successful digital product
  • Start having your first sales

In other words, with SparkStart you will learn:

  • How to build a digital product
  • Identify your Spark, your expertise
  • Build Your Authority
  • Create your first sales offer
  • Create a Webinar
  • Use digital marketing techniques
  • Between others


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