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Dental Marketing: 3 Tips to Boost Your Practice

Is your office not having the flow of visits you would like? The number of patients in your clinic is below what it should and do you want to change this scenario right now? So know you’ve arrived at the right post! Discover how dental marketing will help you solve all these problems.

In this content, I will show you how marketing is capable of transforming your practice and positively boosting your results. Keep reading until the end!

Do marketing and dentistry mix?

Absolutely yes!

Marketing has great dynamism: it is present in several segments and dentistry is one of them. We have, in marketing, several strategies that can help you to effectively develop the functioning of your practice.

I’ve separated three marketing strategies for you to apply and see results happen. Check out!

Digital Marketing in your office

Bet on the good structure of your website and, if not, on the creation of your blog. A blog with informative and quality content will give you more relevance and readers will get to know your work better through your posts and articles.

As it is easily accessible to anyone, the blog is one of the most popular digital means for a first contact, to clarify specific doubts on topics such as gingival retraction, whitening, extractions and many others, for example.

Take advantage of the website and blog space to spread your social networks too.

People are always online through Facebook and Instagram, for example. If you make these forms of contact available, in addition to the traditional telephones and emails, it will facilitate your potential client’s access to your dental clinic.

Use sensory marketing

Patients are not just looking for a low price or technical service, they are also looking to feel welcomed and safe in a pleasant and trustworthy environment.

It’s a combo of actions you need to perform if you want your patient to come back more often and also recommend your services to others.

Sensory marketing is a strategy that uses the senses to build and develop the relationship between people.

The idea is to bring the right environmental sensations for your patient to feel at home, through emotional and psychological stimuli generated by colours, objects, sounds, aromas, etc.

These stimuli will work your patient’s five senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. This will bring, in a pleasant way, the feeling of well-being, making them more interested in returning to your dental clinic.

Eliminate objections once and for all

When you talk about dental procedures, you are also talking about people who are afraid.

It is easy to identify people afraid to perform some procedures, such as tooth extraction, for example, for lack of information or even for not knowing the best place to perform them. That’s where you enter your promotions through the website and blog!

Develop clear information about the procedures performed at your clinic.

You can create, for example, content about “ Toothache: understand its main causes and forms of treatment” and take the opportunity to leave a call to clarify doubts through a chat or telephone number.

The person who was afraid for not knowing if the case was serious or not, will clear some doubts with you after reading the content and you will be able to call them to visit their office. In addition, you can also offer a more detailed face-to-face evaluation, where you can calm her down and eliminate any objections that would make her not accept the services provided by your clinic.

Always try to have direct contact with your potential patient. That way, you can observe and work on him the idea that you are the best to solve the problem he is having.

It’s a great way to build a relationship, isn’t it?

Follow the tips and be more successful!

In this content, you can see some tips on how to boost your office by developing great dental marketing strategies to leverage your patient flow.

In addition, it was also shared the importance of keeping your website and blog in great condition, with the best content so that your potential patients can have good information about you and your services before hiring.

Finally, the importance and positive impact that a pleasant and welcoming environment can provide for both your patient and your office were presented. Put these tips into practice and you’ll have satisfying results knocking on your door soon!

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