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Content funnel: know what to post at each step

A content funnel is a tool that seeks to assist in the buying journey of internet users, from the moment they know the brand in question, and until the moment they become customers.

This feature is widely used among sellers, but it has also become something fundamental in digital marketing. From the content funnel, it is possible to identify in which part of the journey the customer is, facilitating the production of posts with top-funnel content.

The tool is divided into three stages, each with specific characteristics that need to be worked on strategically, which we will talk about below.

1- Funnel top (Tofu)

The top funnel content is the one designed to attract visitors to your social media and give as much information about your business so that internet users feel interested and continue on their journey to purchase, even if they are not 100% focused on acquiring some specific product or service.

The top funnel content is the one that manages to bring in the most visitors. For this, it must be relevant and of quality, but covering more general terms, so that potential customers can identify themselves and get closer to your business.

2- Funnel Medium (MO Fu)

This step requires a little more from a company’s salesperson thinking since when we think about content for the funnel, the user is no longer a simple visitor who just rolled the feed of his social network. Now, he already knows the content of your company and how it can benefit him.

Therefore, this is the perfect opportunity to deepen this relationship a little more, showing that you have what the Internet user is looking for.

3- Funnel Bottom (Bo Fu)

After the previous steps, when the user already has his attention turned to his social media and interest in the content it offers, it is time to show why your company should be chosen as the solution he seeks.

So, following a predictable marketing funnel, we can say that, at this stage, the Internet user is evaluating the positive and negative factors of closing a purchase, both with his company and with possible competitors. Therefore, in this funnel-bottom step, you need to be even more objective and show him that your business is the best option.

Learn more about the top-funnel content. After all, they will be responsible for most of your traffic:

Benefits of the content funnel

It is possible to analyze that the content funnel is extremely useful within a marketing strategy and also brings benefits such as:

  • Management optimization: the analysis of each stage becomes more objective and agile;
  • Better opportunities: increases the possibility of closing deals with customers;
  • Predictability of results: through the numbers, it is possible to predict whether the marketing and sales sectors will meet the target and how long it will take to reach it;
  • Product development: from the interaction with your customers, you can find new ways to improve the company’s services or products.

How to create a content funnel?

There are a few steps you should take to create an effective and successful content funnel that will help your business. Firstly, you must define your product, what you want to sell and define your avatar. In addition, the company must produce content, following the steps of the content funnel already introduced, thinking about the message it seeks to convey to visitors.

In this sense, it is essential to think about content for each step of the funnel. The more general ones for people who are still familiar with your brand — and, consequently, are funnel top —, some more niche ones are funnel middle and, finally, content that really shows what you offer — funnel bottom.

It is evident that, with a high number of demands, it will not be possible to communicate manually with potential customers. With that in mind, it is important to automate email and message flows, which deliver personalized messages according to the behaviour of a group of users.

Now that you know what a content funnel is, you need to know Hero Spark, an excellent tool that aims to put everything you need to create a profitable digital business in one place and help companies transform their knowledge into a digital business of high impact.


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