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Cancel the purchase and sale contract of a property

Cancel the purchase and sale contract of a property

To protect the seller, but also the buyer, the Italian legislative system provides for the possibility, in some cases, of being able to cancel a contract for the sale of a property. The cancellation of the contract can be requested by the party who believes their rights have been violated and this can take place in […]

Getting Rich Online

Getting Rich Online: Advantages and Disadvantages

Affiliate marketing is the type of marketing where you sell a product and receive a commission for the sale. Each digital product has its particularities, so earnings can vary in the range of R$0.30 to R$10000. After all, how does Enriquecendo Online work? It is worth it? In this article, you will discover its pros […]

energy performance certificate

APE Certificate: Complete guide to the energy performance certificate needed to sell a house

The APE certificate is one of the documents needed to sell a house and more. In a nutshell, it is a certificate that describes the energy characteristics of a building. To try to reduce consumption and combat global warming, in fact, since 2002 the European Union has begun to issue directives aimed at improving the energy efficiency of buildings for domestic use. To […]

real estate startup

The real estate startup that pays those who sell the house

Has the title already managed to garner all your attention? We believe so, in fact, it is not so usual to find good payers, let alone if these days someone paid you (at the end of the sale) only to sell your house, with the number of unsold properties that are currently in Italy! However, we […]

real estate portal for selling homes abroad, the real estate portal for selling homes abroad

Have you ever thought about turning your business around and starting selling homes abroad? Have you ever wondered what opportunities such a choice might offer you? Italy, a country that has always been evocative and fascinating, the cradle of art, history and culture among the most popular in the world, is still capable of increasingly attracting foreign […]