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The online and B2B real estate

The online and B2B real estate combination according to Stefano Tronca

When you think of the properties that make our peninsula attractive especially in the eyes of international investors, it is normal that the association with the historic buildings of the great cities of art starts, or with the villas by the sea that characterize the prestigious coastal areas. , or with the stone cottages that […]


Real estate subleases with the Simple Room Method

Continuously updated on the real estate market, the protagonist of resumptions, stalls, downturns and often hopes of imminent exploits by real estate operators and beyond, we have realized over the last few years that there is a market in Italy that deserves as much attention and on which more and more qualified real estate agents are trying their […]

real estate acquisition

All the secrets for a perfect real estate acquisition

The skills that you, a real estate agent, must have to best carry out your profession, are many and widely varied in their complexity and multidisciplinary, but all necessary to make you reach (starting from the real estate acquisition process) only one goal: to sell properties. Your work, in practice, consists of many mandatory steps and […]

Real estate web reputation

Real estate web reputation: Gerardo Paterna intervenes

The advent and consolidation of digital in our daily lives, in particular social networking, has progressively given people greater decision-making power over companies and even real estate agencies, therefore the possibility of influencing and controlling the web reputation of brands and of the real estate professionals who are part of it. The consequence of this […]

Free rental agreement

Free rental agreement: what it is and how it works

Have you ever heard of a free lease agreement? If the answer is no, fear not. Here you will find everything you need to know about this form of rent. In the free rent housing lease, the landlord makes available to the tenant a property intended for housing subject to payment of a sum freely determined by the […]

marketing myopia

Is myopia killing your real estate agency?

Raise your hand if you have never heard a fellow real estate agent utter their own version of any of these statements: “I wrote a blog, but nothing happened”, “I created my business Facebook page and I only got five like (one was from my mom) ”,“ I ran a direct email marketing campaign, but no one […]

real estate portal for selling homes abroad, the real estate portal for selling homes abroad

Have you ever thought about turning your business around and starting selling homes abroad? Have you ever wondered what opportunities such a choice might offer you? Italy, a country that has always been evocative and fascinating, the cradle of art, history and culture among the most popular in the world, is still capable of increasingly attracting foreign […]

Real estate web marketing tools

Real estate web marketing tools with Domenico Amicuzi

Today, buyers or would-be buyers make extensive use of technologies, searching among hundreds of advertisements on the websites of real estate agencies and portals dedicated to advertisements, when allowed they are able to take virtual tours inside the houses that interest them, compare and select real estate and even agents before deciding to take action. But if on […]

Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon new real estate powers

Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon: new real estate powers?

Welcome to Digital RE, the new column of the WeAgentz blog edited by Michele Schirru, an expert in PropTech and new digital technologies related to the real estate world. In this first article by Digital RE, we will talk about the impact and the domino effect, current and foreseeable in the near future, which could generate the […]

Inbound Marketing Real Estate

Inbound Marketing Real Estate, the new frontier of Real Estate

Imagine acquiring super active and extremely profitable clients effectively and at a low cost – this should be the happy ending of a good real estate inbound marketing strategy. Inbound marketing is the process of attracting qualified leads to channel them into your business, rather than wasting time and money on inefficient and expensive practices, such […]