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Rehabilitate the figure of the Real Estate Agent

Rehabilitate the figure of the Real Estate Agent

In recent years, the figure of the real estate broker, the so-called agent, has often been attacked by harsh criticism or by not exactly favourable judgments. We have therefore decided to give voice to some members of the category, who operate in totally different areas from each other by geographical location and by type of […]

declaration of conformity

Cadastral compliance: what is the declaration of conformity and what are the consequences of a non-compliant cadastral plan

The cadastral declaration of conformity is a document in which the seller certifies that what is deposited in the cadastral plan corresponds to the real state of the property. In fact, according to the provisions of Italian law, in order to sell an apartment, the property must have cadastral compliance. This is a very important document because its absence can render the […]

cost to renovate

How much does it cost to renovate your home?

The theme of the renovation of an apartment is always extremely topical and interests many people. The first thing we usually ask ourselves is “How much does it cost to completely renovate a house? “A legitimate question which, however, does not have an equally simple and immediate answer. There are many aspects to evaluate and many […]

Cancel the purchase and sale contract of a property

Cancel the purchase and sale contract of a property

To protect the seller, but also the buyer, the Italian legislative system provides for the possibility, in some cases, of being able to cancel a contract for the sale of a property. The cancellation of the contract can be requested by the party who believes their rights have been violated and this can take place in […]

Real estate agency percentage

Real estate agency percentage: what is the right commission to pay?

Do you have to sell or buy a house and you are still undecided whether or not to rely on a real estate agency? Your doubts depend above all on the fear that choosing to use a real estate broker could cause costs to rise excessively? So let’s try to shed some light on this to […]

move house

When is it time to move house?

 In the course of life, it happens to everyone that sooner or later, they have to change their home. The reasons can be many and also quite different from each other, what is certain is that it would be good to be able to understand when it is time to buy a house. The goal is to […]

energy performance certificate

APE Certificate: Complete guide to the energy performance certificate needed to sell a house

The APE certificate is one of the documents needed to sell a house and more. In a nutshell, it is a certificate that describes the energy characteristics of a building. To try to reduce consumption and combat global warming, in fact, since 2002 the European Union has begun to issue directives aimed at improving the energy efficiency of buildings for domestic use. To […]

Commercial Performance Certificate

Stimalo, the proptech that introduces the Commercial Performance Certificate

The evaluation of the most probable market value of properties is not an exact science, but it is known that there are various calculation methods, from the most traditional to the most innovative and unconventional. With regard to the latter, in recent years realities have been born within the Italian real estate ecosystem which has allowed operators […]

SEO real estate

SEO real estate, the guide to new trends

The World Wide Web is constantly evolving, it is such a chameleonic field that it is often considered unpredictable and resilient to any attempt at medium or long-term planning by companies and professionals in all sectors, including real estate. However, a scientific study of the most innovative techniques of real estate web marketing can provide us with a […]

real estate startup

The real estate startup that pays those who sell the house

Has the title already managed to garner all your attention? We believe so, in fact, it is not so usual to find good payers, let alone if these days someone paid you (at the end of the sale) only to sell your house, with the number of unsold properties that are currently in Italy! However, we […]