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Dental Marketing

Dental Marketing: 3 Tips to Boost Your Practice

Is your office not having the flow of visits you would like? The number of patients in your clinic is below what it should and do you want to change this scenario right now? So know you’ve arrived at the right post! Discover how dental marketing will help you solve all these problems. In this content, I […]

Getting Rich Online

Getting Rich Online: Advantages and Disadvantages

Affiliate marketing is the type of marketing where you sell a product and receive a commission for the sale. Each digital product has its particularities, so earnings can vary in the range of R$0.30 to R$10000. After all, how does Enriquecendo Online work? It is worth it? In this article, you will discover its pros […]

email marketing

Still not using email marketing? See 6 reasons to use it!

Do you know what email marketing is and how it works? This tool provides great results. It is a way to promote your business, develop a relationship with your target audience, build customer loyalty and attract new customers. Below, check out 6 reasons to use it! What is email marketing? Understanding how email marketing works is essential for anyone […]

Real estate web marketing tools

Real estate web marketing tools with Domenico Amicuzi

Today, buyers or would-be buyers make extensive use of technologies, searching among hundreds of advertisements on the websites of real estate agencies and portals dedicated to advertisements, when allowed they are able to take virtual tours inside the houses that interest them, compare and select real estate and even agents before deciding to take action. But if on […]

Inbound Marketing Real Estate

Inbound Marketing Real Estate, the new frontier of Real Estate

Imagine acquiring super active and extremely profitable clients effectively and at a low cost – this should be the happy ending of a good real estate inbound marketing strategy. Inbound marketing is the process of attracting qualified leads to channel them into your business, rather than wasting time and money on inefficient and expensive practices, such […]