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6 things every entrepreneur should know

Do you want to have a digital venture but don’t know where to start? Well, we’ve separated a list of things that every entrepreneur should know. The idea is to introduce you to fundamental areas of knowledge to ensure the success of your business. Come on? Get to know the 6 basic topics to create or evolve your company! […]

Real estate agency percentage

Real estate agency percentage: what is the right commission to pay?

Do you have to sell or buy a house and you are still undecided whether or not to rely on a real estate agency? Your doubts depend above all on the fear that choosing to use a real estate broker could cause costs to rise excessively? So let’s try to shed some light on this to […]

Big Idea

Big Idea: what is it and how to define?

Achieving prominence in the market and attracting customers are some of the goals of those who work in the broad field of digital marketing. This requires not only in-depth knowledge of the target audience and the product or service but also detailed planning guided by a big idea. It is evident that to gain visibility, […]

Content funnel

Content funnel: know what to post at each step

A content funnel is a tool that seeks to assist in the buying journey of internet users, from the moment they know the brand in question, and until the moment they become customers. This feature is widely used among sellers, but it has also become something fundamental in digital marketing. From the content funnel, it […]

The online and B2B real estate

The online and B2B real estate combination according to Stefano Tronca

When you think of the properties that make our peninsula attractive especially in the eyes of international investors, it is normal that the association with the historic buildings of the great cities of art starts, or with the villas by the sea that characterize the prestigious coastal areas. , or with the stone cottages that […]