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All the secrets for a perfect real estate acquisition

The skills that you, a real estate agent, must have to best carry out your profession, are many and widely varied in their complexity and multidisciplinary, but all necessary to make you reach (starting from the real estate acquisition process) only one goal: to sell properties.

Your work, in practice, consists of many mandatory steps and the sale is like a puzzle to be reassembled, gradually putting all the pieces in their place. Taking this into account, it can definitely be said that the hardest time for a real estate agent is not the sale, but the property acquisition, right?

This aspect, in fact, represents the crucial moment of all your real estate agent activity, because it constitutes the action that finally allows you to have in your hands the product that you will then go to sell, in practice, the pillar on which your business. 

Being able to find a property that is attractive to potential buyers is therefore the most important operation but also the one that is often the most difficult to carry out. As evidence of this, it is enough to underline how increasingly specialized figures are spreading only in the procurement of properties on behalf of those who have to buy, the so-called property finders .

But returning to the practical aspect, the competition and the trust of the seller are two aspects with which you must confront in order to be able to acquire the properties and thus create a real estate portfolio that allows you to propose yourself to the market with the right prospects of concluding business.

As you know, in fact, it is not enough to have properties in your portfolio to be able to sell, but it is very important to be able to grab marketable properties, at the right price, in coveted areas, which are bureaucratically in place, otherwise, you risk making a hole in the water. and failing in its primary function, that of selling. That’s why we believe it is the acquisition that decides whether a real estate agent will be successful in the sale .

The methodologies to be implemented, therefore, first of all, concern the way in which you come into contact with your potential customer/seller, or the choice of the type of approach you decide to implement in your research.

Field experience as always in your work is essential, but that’s not all .

You must necessarily adopt techniques that can help you in the real estate acquisition process. In addition to the more traditional ones, online techniques are increasingly used in real estate marketing strategies, with a view to the evolution of the professional figure of the real estate agents.

Active or passive property search? Let’s be clear

The type of approach you intend to adopt in your real estate acquisition business, to first arrive at an acquisition appointment and ultimately receive the exclusive sales assignment  , accordingly outlines the actions you need to take.

Based on how your agency is structured and your nature as a real estate agent, you can decide to orient yourself more towards an active search than a passive one, or vice versa.

It is good to clarify that one does not exclude the other , indeed the best results are achieved if the two are used in perfect synergy.

In any case, active research is based on the very essence of the real estate agent: to procure . In passive research, on the other hand (be careful not to interpret the term “passive” necessarily in a negative way), a series of promotional and marketing actions are carried out that push customers to find you instead of the opposite process, implementing a strategy based on inbound real estate marketing.

Better manage the first contact with the customer

secrets-acquisition-real estate

A very delicate phase in the real estate acquisition process is represented by the first appointment with the potential customer, as it is on this that everything else inevitably depends, i.e. all the subsequent phases of the buying and selling process.

The superficiality in managing the acquisition phase can be a serious mistake that should not be underestimated. In fact, it can lead you to ask the wrong questions or, even worse, to forget to ask for some essential information for you.

In addition, you must bring, towards the customer, in a way that allows you to become valid support for him also to understand the mechanisms of real estate sales, offering useful advice to optimize the negotiation at best. In short, the simple supplier-to-customer relationship is often not enough to succeed: you have to earn their trust.

1. Starting from the database

Your database is the most valuable tool you have for your business.

It is also a good starting point in your search for new properties. In your database, if carefully created, you have perfectly registered and profiled all your past customers who, subsequently, if kept “warm”, can become potential sellers for you .

If you have been good at profiling every single customer, you have all the information you need to identify who to contact for a possible acquisition . For all these reasons it is essential to have a database that is always updated and ready to be used when you need it.

2. Real estate acquisition with territorial coverage

Acquisition by area is one of the activities traditionally best known by licensed real estate agents operating in an active research context. “Going door to door” and guarding one’s own territory can still offer some opportunities for obtaining information on properties for sale.

This is a method that today, however, is gradually being abandoned, as the market has evolved considerably, as has the real estate agent itself and consequently the way in which one comes into contact with customers. Furthermore, despite appearances, for agents it is a very demanding activity, which requires a certain level of patience and time available, as well as requiring them to be willing to receive even dry and unfriendly refusals, expecting to have to somehow address people’s inevitable distrust of “cold contacts” of this kind.

3. Use telephone marketing

Telemarketing is another form of territorial coverage used in real estate acquisition. Also, in this case, it is a type of approach that is now old-fashioned and now increasingly outdated, as the profession of real estate agent evolves and adopts other methodologies that are more in step with the times and with the digital approach.

In particular, the practice of cold telemarketing , that is to phone all the people in the area to find out if there are properties for sale, is definitely the most put aside among the traditional methods. Alternatively, another form of still widespread use involves raking the ad portals and calling directly the sellers who publish the private ads and who, therefore, “in theory” have no intention of relying on agencies.

4. Online promotion and acquisition

The majority of real estate agents prefer to use the web to manage the real estate acquisition process as well.

This is what emerges from the data of the research conducted by Re / Max Italia “ The digitization of the real estate agent ”. According to the survey, 67.5% of real estate agents use online sources as an information tool in their acquisition processes.

The web has undoubtedly opened up to the real estate sector and to your business, therefore, many new opportunities that you must know how to exploit to obtain the results you set out to achieve.

The first thing you need to understand is that acquiring customers online is not as simple and immediate a process as it might appear to an inexperienced eye, but it is necessary to work on the promotion and authority of your brand. The online reputation of a real estate agency is essential to match the market demand with the offer you make available.

It is a job that takes time and perseverance, but which can give you the results you and your real estate team hope for in the long run. In fact, getting new customers online means above all creating value, trust and authority .

To be able to capture the attention of potential online sellers, it must enhance the quality of your services , starting with your professionalism, as evidenced by the results you have already achieved: report case studies in which users can identify themselves! In fact, very often the facts are more effective than words.

The latter, however, are the lifeblood of the network and which you need
to better communicate your work. Offering quality, useful, effective content, for example by creating a blog, allows you to:

  • Attract new leads
  • Better position yourself on search engines
  • Increase your reputation

It is also fundamental to implement a real estate social media marketing strategy , able to better convey your message and therefore your content. It is also useful to create an area dedicated to real estate acquisition on your website (for example through a landing page), this being one of the fundamental aspects of your work.

Make a difference with a good real estate acquisition

secrets-acquisition-real estate

Knowing how to acquire real estate is the first quality that a real estate agent must have, even before knowing how to sell.

Being an acquisition professional is the foundation of your real estate brokerage business.

This includes the ability not only to obtain a sales assignment but to establish a relationship of trust and collaboration with the customer, transmitting the advantages he can have by entrusting you with the sale of his property. In addition, creating a good portfolio of properties increases your chances of selling.

The tools you have at your disposal to make your real estate acquisition action more effective are different, halfway between the more traditional and the most innovative methodologies, the latter being a consequence of the increasing spread of the web in the various commercial sectors.

It is clear that structuring your work through an effective strategy that allows you to better optimize your time and resources, makes it necessary to invest in the digital field for your business.

The set of actions that you can carry out online can help you to increase your business at 360 ° and not just to acquire new properties. Furthermore, taking into account that it is important for you not only to acquire, but also to choose which properties you want to have in your portfolio. After all, a good property sells itself (or almost).

Being able to have in your portfolio a selection of properties that most intercept the needs of the demand, can make a difference not only for you but above all for your customers. Working well upstream of the entire sales process, therefore starting from a good real estate acquisition, can facilitate the entire process that results in cascade, increasing satisfied customers and (why not?) Also your earnings.

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