Agent Pricing, market analysis just a click away

Agent Pricing, market analysis just a click away

When a real estate agent receives a sales assignment, he often finds himself having to face the legitimate doubts of the owners, often disoriented within a vast and intricate reality such as that of the real estate market. Raise your hand to the agent who has never heard questions asked, often just after an inspection, such as “in your opinion how much is my house worth?” or even “will the sale price be adequate?”. Frequently, even after a synthetic or analytical estimate of the property, the professional manages to appease the seller’s search for certainties.

From common situations between agents and real estate agencies such as the one described, an innovative startup is born which aims to provide a clear and intuitive tool to allow real estate professionals to carry out comparative analyzes of properties starting from the advertisements on specialized portals. Agent Pricing is a web platform capable of analyzing the big data of millions of properties for sale to return the most probable advertising price and the most probable sale price of the property to the real estate agent, also providing a report complete with statistics and comparative analyzes. On the entire competing offer, which the professional can finally propose to the customer.

To learn more about Agent Pricing’s features and allow our readers to learn more about the service offered, we heard the founder Patrick Alerting, a well-known face in the national startup and real estate ecosystems thanks to equally interesting innovative initiatives such as Jojoba and Replay MLS.

Patrick, we are faced with a truly innovative service, launched only a few days ago but which is already beginning to receive important acclaim from the operators of the real estate sector.

However, we know that behind every great success, there is always a capable and close-knit team. So let’s start by giving credit to the human factor: who are the people who worked at Agent pricing and what is their role?

Thanks for the great question! In fact, there are several people who have been working behind Agent Pricing for many months now, and it is thanks to them that today we have managed to create a product that has existed in our heads for a lifetime, but which in fact was anything but easy to build.

First of all, most of the credit goes to our technicians, who are both called Fabio. They turned a clumsy idea into tens of thousands of lines of code, which today translates into 3 easy steps to get a detailed benchmarking.

After that, as happens every day in Reopla MLS, the help and support of some of our trusted customers was fundamental, which today I would perhaps define more as “great friends”, rather than through their feedback, their advice and why not, their complaints inspired us to create something unique and innovative.

Finally, nothing would be possible without the heart of our company, Consuelo Tarantini, our graphic designers Andrea and Filippo and all the people who work with us every day.

We come now to the service. Tell us when the idea of ​​a portal for comparative analysis of real estate ads on the web was born, and to what problem a platform like yours wants to find a solution.

We have actually had the idea of ​​a comparative analysis platform for some time, let’s say since both Gabriele, the co-founder of Reopla, and began studying in-depth big data and its potential use in the real estate field. After that, like all ideas, Agent Pricing was born a bit by chance. Both Gabriele and I are big fans of real estate in general, and no business trip goes by without both of us starting to ask ourselves:
“who knows how much a house is worth here?” , “Who knows what the price per square meter is in this area?” and so on. From there to the current software, the step is short!

Which methodology is applied to Agent pricing to carry out the comparative analysis of a property?

Agent pricing analyzes various real estate portals every night and collects data from them and “learns” about the local market. When a real estate agent starts an evaluation, the system compares all the details of the property being evaluated with what the market offers and, autonomously, decides in which range it is necessary to work in order to make a correct comparison.

Once the 5 main market competitors have been identified, the system returns a list of comparable which, without giving judgments, allows the real estate agent to independently manage, modify and confirm the various alternatives proposed as effective competitors.

In this way, Agent Pricing becomes a tool to support real estate professionals, without being able to replace them in any way.

We had the feeling that the platform was put online with advanced features, without “testing”, as they say in the jargon, an alpha version with basic functionality. Is that so or do you have other solutions and services in-store to integrate into the platform?

Answering a banal “can’t tell” would probably be taken for granted, right?

In reality, the online version today is an official version, but it represents only the first piece of what the system is planning to become. Already from the first week of July, new implementations should arrive, which will radically change the very vision of the product. We love to learn from what our users whisper to us, which means continuous improvements and continuous new ideas.

Attention, that with the arrival of the summer our Fabio will be able to let loose, and who knows if a second release will arrive in September.

What is the added value that Agent pricing brings to the daily work of a real estate agent?

Our goal is to allow real estate agencies first of all to save time in the phase of collecting useful information for carrying out a market analysis.

Secondly, we aspire to provide professional operators with a different and innovative tool, which can represent a plus in the acquisition phase, surprising sales customers with something they are not used to and that denotes great attention from the professional.

The service is mainly aimed at agents and real estate agencies. Are you planning to expand the target audience of your portal in the future?

We currently have no plans to expand the target, at least not with this particular product. In Italy our company is specializing more and more in creating a network of services at the service (excuse the pun) of real estate agents. I believe that in our country we will continue on this path. Abroad, we’ll see.

Before getting to the release of the current launch version of Agent pricing, what were the biggest obstacles you faced? How did you overcome them?

Well, to answer this question exhaustively, it would probably take dozens and dozens of Word sheets. Realizing Agent Pricing was certainly not easy. We immediately encountered difficulties in finding and managing a considerable amount of data. Then the main obstacles came from the graphic department, which had the difficult task of finding a graphic solution of our liking to a product that does nothing but elaborate statistics on statistics. Agent pricing is a constant challenge, day by day, but so it’s even more fun!

Do you plan to introduce new investors or partners to your team in order to achieve the goals you have set for yourself?

This is also a great question! We are very pleased with how our company is growing, both in terms of the spread of MLS and the launch of Agent Pricing. Currently, we do not have particular economic needs to continue on the national market, but we would look with great interest an investor who can allow us to think bigger! There are many states in Europe with real estate markets similar to Italy, therefore attractive and potentially attracted to products such as Agent Pricing or Replay MLS.

What do you think of the Italian “startup” ecosystem, especially in the Real Estate sector? Are there the conditions for the real estate world to receive new lymph for a prompt recovery?

I am not a deep fan of the “Italian startup” ecosystem, and I am not speaking only in the real estate sector but in general terms!

In Italy, there is a lot of talk about startups, but in reality, all the pillars that could suggest the real growth of many companies are missing. There is a lack of important investments, the support of the institutions and there is a complete lack of a real process of tax relief, such as to allow a new company to grow rapidly and hire staff, without the risk of collapsing. I believe that everything I have just listed can still be overcome, the real obstacle in Italy is bureaucracy. Crazy.

If you really want to change something, it is up to us and our generation to get busy because under these conditions everything is really complex. It goes without saying that the above is equally reflected in the real estate sector.

For the rest, right now there are endless good ideas and projects that are ready to take off, if not already on the market. However, in order for them to spread properly and really contribute to the renewal of the sector, profound changes are needed in the points described above.

PS: I hope I have not been controversial. I would really like to see this change, be a part of it, and all of this leads me to become very passionate about the speech.


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